Writing business and academic texts is an important aspect of every university education. The outcome of the valuable research conducted throughout the bachelor or master years are the papers written as part of that process. However, not only papers but also other texts such as e-mails should meet specific standards. Learning how to write in a business and academic context will give you vital skills for the future.

Nevertheless, writing is definitely not easy. What do you write? How do you order the components of a text? How do you start writing a chapter? How do you structure a paper? Which words do you use? All those questions can lead to stress, procrastination or hopeless perfectionism. Galileo wants to put a stop to this.

Be careful. Every discipline has its own characteristics when it comes to writing papers, which means that other demands in terms of form and content might be in place, depending on your supervisor and your research field. For this reason, we recommend you to consider Galileo’s tips as guidelines and to make sure to always consult with your supervisor in case of doubt.
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